Whether you have anywhere from a few coins to an amassed collection, there is no question that there is a value to be determined.

At PCG we offer a full cost free appraisal on your collection to let you know what it is worth at face value, what it could be worth if graded, and we can even offer immediate inquiries through our client portfolio who may be looking for those specific coins.

You can send us an inventory list of what is in your possession (pictures also if possible), this procedure gives us a better idea of what you have. If you wish to save the hassle we can simply pick up your coins through federally insured mail and inventory them for you.

Once a price list is established, we begin the process of separating your raw coins from your certifiable coins and begin a new appraisal of how high your certifiable coins can grade. Once we establish an absolute value, we make an offer on the entire collection.

Should you elect to accept our offer for your collection, we then send you either a wire transfer or certified business check for the full agreed amount. Should you elect to hold on to your collection, we send it back to you through federally insured mail.