Gold coins are normally minted artificially by a central government mint, or by an individual privately minting them on the behalf of a sovereign government. First of all it is a form of investment, just like any other investment where you could potentially gain interest, if you play your cards right. You would need to ensure that the gold coin price does rise over time as they are not tied to any one particular pair of currencies and therefore act like “futures currency”, except in the case of a government who issues them as legal tender, in which case they are known as “real money”.

The fact that gold is so rare means that once issued, they are very hard to get rid of, and are consequently always very expensive. It also has the additional feature that there will only ever be a certain amount that will ever be printed, and that includes the gold coin reserve, which is held by the central government and is accessible to any investors.

The cost of gold coins is determined by supply and demand, and the price is set depending on speculations and fluctuations in the value between suppliers and governments-minted gold coins are always more expensive than the “futures” that are made by commercial mints. In recent times, there has been an increase in the demand for gold bullion coins, and the governments have also been forced to increase the amount of gold that they are allowed to release into circulation. – Professional Coin Galleries