2021 $10 Gold Eagle MS 70 Mint Error Struck in Unfinished Proof Dies Type 2 PCGS


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2021 $10 Gold Eagle MS 70 Mint Error Struck in Unfinished Proof Dies Type 2 PCGS

In November of 2021 there was a huge demand for 1/4 oz $10 Gold Eagles. So the US Mint decided to make more $10 Gold Eagles in Mint State BU. In 1999 this also happened due to the Y2k craze the US Mint sold completely out of $10 Gold Eagles. People wanted them because they were worried that the world was going to end and they wanted the 1/4 gold coin to barter with. So in the US Mint’s haste they struck the 1999 $10 Gold Eagle in unfinished proof dies. Though it is a Mint State coin it bears the mint mark W for West Point. The MS coins never have the Mint Mark. The W Mint Mark is only reserved for Proof coins. Before the US Mint realized their mistake they made thousands of 1999 $10 Gold Eagles Mint Error in Unfinished Proof Dies. It is almost incomprehensible to think that it could happen again 22 years later with the technology at the US Mint being so much more advanced then it was in 1999, but it did! This time though they realized their mistake very quickly and less than 3000 coins were made in error before they stopped the presses. The 2021 $10 MS 70 Gold Eagle Error Coin that bears the Mint Mark W for the West Point Mint will be worth thousand and thousands of dollars as time goes by. Very Rare
Year of minting



MS 70

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Metal content

1/10 of an ounce

Signed by

Thomas Cleveland