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What a Gold Eagle Coin Is and Where To Buy One in Austin, TX

Whether for coin collectors or investors, gold coins are among their most prized possessions. One of these most sought-after gold coins in Austin, TX is the American gold eagle coin. This coin sports the patriotic symbol of the eagle and is the perfect fit for any gold investor’s collection.

If you’re new to buying gold coins, you may not know the importance of the gold eagle coin. This valuable coin is full of wonders. Below, we’ll discuss what the gold eagle coin is, its history, the designs and sizes, the types of eagle coins, and where to buy them in Travis County.

What Are Gold Eagle Coins?

The gold eagle coin is one of the most recognizable gold coins in the world because of its strong American imagery: the eagles, Lady Liberty, the Capitol Building, and the olive branch. These gold coins are valuable; any collector dreams to get this gorgeous coin in their possession.

To celebrate the US Mint’s 35th anniversary of the gold eagle coin in 2021, they upgraded one side of the coin to feature a portrait of an eagle rather than the image of the eagles with the olive branch. From 1986 to 2021, the eagle side of the coin featured a female eagle sitting in a nest with younger eagles in front of her. The male eagle swoops down, holding the olive branches in his talons. On the other side, Lady Liberty stands tall, with a torch in one hand and the olive branch on the other. Toward the bottom of the coin sits the Capitol Building.

The gold eagle coin contains 22-karat gold, making it a highly sought-after coin for investors and collectors alike. The karat count makes the gold coins durable yet pure, and it helps them resist scratching, keeping the resale value of these gold coins high.

The History of the Gold Eagle Coin

The first production of the gold eagle coin came in 1986, and even today, you can buy one of these gold coins in Austin, TX. These coins were authorized for production after the 1985 Gold Bullion Coin Act, which stated that gold had to have one of four specific weights. The Gold Bullion Coin Act allowed for the gold eagle coin to soar.

Due to its popularity right off the bat, many consider the gold eagle coin the official gold bullion of the United States. However, while this coin is infamous in the United States, it is not as popular overseas. So, if you plan on selling your gold eagle coin, opt for a buyer in the United States so you can get the most money for your investment.

You can recognize any coin minted between 1986 and 1991 since the coins feature Roman numerals as dates. This is unique not only to the gold eagle coins minted post-1991 but also to other coins produced by the US Mint.

Many elements can dictate the cost of a gold eagle coin in Travis County: the size and the grade.

Size of Gold Eagle Coins

Thanks to the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985, there are four possible sizes for your gold eagle coins: one ounce of fine gold, one-tenth, one-quarter, or half an ounce. The heavier the coin, the more money you’ll get for it because of its gold content. For example, a coin that is one-ounce fine gold will have a face value of $50. A one-tenth ounce has a face value of $5, a one-quarter ounce is $10, and a one-half is $25. Therefore, you want to aim to buy one-ounce gold coins if you want to sell eventually.

No matter which size you choose to purchase, the design is the same on each. The only thing that varies based on the size of the gold coin you buy in Austin, TX is the price and how much fine gold it contains.

Types of Coins

There are three types of gold eagle coins: bullion coins, proof coins, and uncirculated coins. How you plan on using the gold coins can affect which one will work best for you.

The bullion coin is the standard gold eagle coin, and people buy them as an investment. You can make these coins through standard coin processing and are the most common type. You can purchase gold eagle coins in all four sizes if you choose the bullion coin.

The proof coins are best for people who purchase gold eagle coins in Travis County for their collections. However, proof coins have a value over the face value of the gold coins. The beautiful appearance of these coins makes them more desired, thus more valuable. You can purchase proof coins in all four sizes as well, and they look best when displayed in a case for presentation.

Finally, the uncirculated coin is the best choice for serious collectors looking to display their gold eagle coins. Distributors produce these coins the same way they do the bullion coin, but you can tell the difference from the “W” (standing for West Point) that sits beneath the date. You can typically only purchase these coins in a one-ounce fine gold size.

Where To Buy a Gold Eagle Coin

Now that you understand the different kinds of gold coins in Austin, TX, and have learned why they’re so special, you may wonder where you can purchase some for your coin collection. For uncirculated and proof coins, you can purchase them straight from the United States Mint. However, the US Mint does not sell bullion coins. Luckily, you can buy them through online stores. Whether you’re looking to build your collection or invest in gold coins, you can find a great one-stop shop in Travis County. 

To learn more about buying and selling gold so you can make the most informed decision possible, call Professional Coin Galleries at 888-706-3237 today. So, if you’re interested in possessing the coin that represents all of America’s greatest attributes, call Professional Coin Galleries right away.

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